The Gisborne Amateur Radio Club sponsors a number of repeaters providing wide area voice coverage on 2 meters and 70 cm, and a specialist digital repeater.

146.80 - Kaiti Hill


Serving Gisborne city from Kaiti Hill, it also provides IRLP Node 6105.  We look forward to hearing from you.

146.85 - Arowhana


With coverage of the gorge to the north, from the very inhospitable top of Arowhana.

146.90 - Whakapunake


The area's high level 146.90 repeater on Whakapunake, providing good coverage from Poverty Bay to Hawkes Bay.


439.875 National System - Whakapunake

National System

The National System link located at Whakapunake.

ZL2AA-1 Digipeater

A high level 144.575 digipeater on Whakapunake.


Ch 39 ATV - Wheatstone Hill

Amateur Television Repeater (ATV)

In preparation for the switching off of all analogue television broadcasts in New Zealand, the Radio Spectrum Management group has cancelled all of the amateur television repeater licenses.  This has meant the loss of the Gisborne amateur television repeater which had its output on UHF channel 39.