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Repeater Status

posted Jul 11, 2010, 1:19 AM by Hamish Dobson   [ updated Jul 11, 2010, 2:02 PM ]
680 and IRLP
over the last couple of months
    the poor IRLP receive audio was adjusted
    the excessive transmitted audio was reduced
    the old aerial array along with the wooden pole has been removed
    a wooden post has been installed to replace the pole in the fence
    the pole stays and ground anchors have been removed
    a vent has been installed in the lower part of the side rack cover
    a metal tray and polystrene has been used to isolate the rack above the vent
    the repeater bin and duplexers have been shifted to the top of the rack
     the batteries in their wooden box have been installed in the rack
     the faulty power cord to the UPS feeding the IRLP has been replaced
     the UPS has been supplied from the power outlets in the repeater rack
     the IRLP equipment has been arranged for direct repeater connection 
  still to do
    attempt direct IRLP / repeater connection when a spare repeater is available
     clean up rack when radio, supply and load no longer required
  690 and the Digi
Over the last couple of months
        agreement had been obtained from the site owners to the work required
        the 690 and digi aerial array on the old wooden pole has been removed
         the soil between the hut and the bank has been removed
         the old wooden pole has been removed and disposed off
         the soil in front of the hut door to the new pole position removed
         a new 10 meter pole has been installed close to the hut
         the original dipole aerials have been installed on the new pole
         new coaxial cable, connectors and lightening protectors installed
         the new cables in the protective pipe have been secured to the pole
         lightening protection in the hut installed on both new cables
         the 690 duplexer output has been connected to the top aerial
         an application made to FMTAG to convert the digi to 144.575MHz      
         National system - lightening protection installed inside hut
  Still to do
         install the digi on 144.575MHz when approval is obtained
         replace the 690 T200 series standby with an operating T300 series
         completion of minor work below the bottom aerial on the pole
         seal the hut especially on the bank side and roof
         installed the replacement wooden door frame on the locking side
         final clean up of earth works on site     grass seed
         Photographs to site owner 

 IF the licence application proceeds without holdups and permits are obtained
 along with access and of course the weather allows, the digi on it's new frequency
and the T300 repeater equipment, if available, should be able to be installed before
the end of the month in plenty of time for the car rally

 My thanks go to Jim, Douglas, Doug, Roger, John, Alan, Ian, Rolly, Dave, Peter and both the
site owners and the firm who supplied the pole and the equipment to move it and their staff member who gave up his own time to operate it. Without all their major contributions of time and effort we could not have reached this point when only the some equipment installation remains to
obtain the full benefits of the site for amateur operation and to the benefit of the public