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posted Jun 22, 2010, 4:12 PM by Hamish Dobson
Alan and I on Tuesday installed the aerials on the swapped out pole and 690 is now operating with the original dipole (with new cable and connectors) located at the top of the pole. However it is still
using the standby Tait T200 series repeater while the nomal T300 series repeater is being repaired
 Also after inspection the old wooden pole was chainsawed up due to the number of lengthwise splits in it. ( on sawing it into short lengths for removal it was found over much of it's length the splits were from one side to the other, the pole was well on it's way to splitting in half lengthwise)
 Heard from Warren that the IRLP node on 680 was not working. Found no output from the UPS
so fed the equipment directly from the mains supply. (on bench test the UPS started to work after a long period of charging, loose power cord? still checking)