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October Meeting

posted Oct 27, 2012, 11:44 AM by Hamish Dobson
 As well as the normal club business the president displayed his transmitter interface and battery all neatly contained in a small old army type metal case. Test show that the high power output of the radio allows reception across town from a small whip aerial while lower power can be used for fox hunting in a smaller area.  The interface allows a very wide rang fox hunting type signals to be transmitted including morse identification and variation of times and duration of transmissions.  The treasurer displayed and explained the additional VHF aerials which he was constructing which allow handheld operation with these much better performing aerials (than the normal aerial on the radio) placed in the pack the operator is carrying. Disassembled and X rays of an existing aerial gave a good display of how they are made . The editor displayed his picaxe pump controller as per the last newsletter showing how simple a microprocessor controlled circuit can be.
 While attendance is low at some club meetings financial members are kept well informed of club activities by emails from the secretary and the branch newsletter. The committee meet every month and are in constant contact.
 The  new NZART call book is out and shows the great work of the unpaid volunteers who collect and then assemble the contents    ( Branch 11's president is Peter, call sign ZL2TRG and all inquires about branch awards etc, should be directed to the branch either via email or PO Box as per the the branch directory section for branch 11). The NZART web site is strongly suggested as the best source for up to date information about amateur radio in NZ.