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Meeting, Mags,APRS & 680

posted Sep 7, 2010, 2:36 PM by Hamish Dobson
The next branch meeting is due on the 13th next week to be in the Bryce Street Scout Hall at 7.30pm. As I may not be there I have  given all the books and magazines I had, which  had been donated by Basil to the club, and collected by Ric and me, to Ric to take to the meeting.
 The crystals have been installed in the spare T200 equipment for 680 and set to frequency. Work is proceeding on interfacing to allow direct connections between IRLP and the repeater. Little information is available but having a spare repeater will make tests easier. Anyone got a spare IRLP board.
 Nothing heard about the APRS trackers but hopefully the equipment will soon come to hand. Apart from the web site  the local off air traffic can be monitored by a receiver on 144.575MHz, a transformer to isolate the computer and a computer with sound card running a sound card packet programme and an an aprs prog ( both available locally or off the net).