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Lighthouse Weekend

posted Aug 24, 2011, 6:17 PM by Hamish Dobson   [ updated Aug 27, 2011, 5:51 PM ]
A very interesting and enjoyable weekend. Arnie was there setting up well before the rest of us, making sure no one went hungry and was able to provide much information about the area. Alan brought a trailer with the generator (not needed) and a two element 20 meter beam. Rolly showed his experience in AREC by bringing all that might be needed much of which I never would have thought of . Peter had his very well engineered support mast and together with Arnie's UHF and 80 meters aerials and Alan's beam a very impressive aerial set up. (pictures to follow)

Saturday was wet but Sunday was fine apart from a cold wind however the facilities were all that were needed and I think no one was cold or went hungry as everyone seemed to have brought enough for a week and there was no shortage of gear. A very hospitable place to hold a branch event and much thanks to Ross for arranging it and the station staff for making it available.

 20 metre Yagi 
80, 2, and 7 metre aerials
Lighthouse Weekend aerials and quarters