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posted Feb 26, 2011, 7:54 PM by Hamish Dobson   [ updated Mar 5, 2011, 8:39 PM ]
This morning heard ZL2AA on 80 meters along with many other field day stations. Last night heard many other as well on 40 meters (not bad for a FT101 and a trapped vertical with no radials). Went up to the site this morning, Alan was already there, things looking rather damp after the rain overnight but both Ric and Alister on the go and the day stayed fine so it will be interesting to see the final scores
 At ECMOT installed gib board behind largest hole in plaster on the back wall held in with screws to hold while silicon sealer dries. Vacuumed round and in green carpet and relocated to in front of bench, Removed cork from back wall which was falling off and removed staples. Additional packing and screws installed in door frame.  ECMOT committee are installing framing to close off area between the classrooms so as to allow the public to only access the radio room for the open day start of April when they hope we will have a display ready. A ramp to allow better access to the rooms is also planned to be in before the open day