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posted Mar 31, 2011, 7:42 PM by Hamish Dobson
Peter and I sent several hours moving more radio gear out of the blue container and setting it up for display tomorrow. Container contents were arranged so the rest of the radio gear can be removed without having to move a great deal of other stuff first. A QSL card display from Alan was installed as were two branch vehicle ids. Digital pictures were taken of most of the new displays. The rest of the unused shelving was removed and provision made for temporary mains power tomorrow where from 10am on,  it and the rest of the Museum will be open to the public with an opening by the mayor at 3pm of the new displays in the main hall
 Reception of the national system is still poor at times and this is believed to still be due to the signal received at Napier from the station further south which is awaiting the installation of a new transmit aerial