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ATV repeater Gone

posted Aug 8, 2010, 1:55 AM by Hamish Dobson   [ updated Aug 8, 2010, 2:28 AM ]
FMTAG has notified the trustees that as part of the DSO (digital switch off  when all analogue tv will cease) RSM has cancelled all the amateur television repeaters licenses on Channel 39. Channel 39 was not an amateur allocation and the repeaters were apparently licensed only at the specific locations with no rights of tenure or any other rights when the allocation of that 50cm band to amateurs was withdrawn several years ago
 After checking the RSM web site the trustees removed the repeater.
 To allow use of the repeater in the future would require obtaining a spectrum license, more expensive and requiring higher engineering standards and would only allow operation until the DSO (estimated 2015 but likely to be earlier)
 The amateur equipment will be returned to the owners and opinions about the disposal of the power amplifier will be canvased from those who contributed to it. No branch money was spent on the repeater installation
 Possible future ATV activity is a  23/23 cm  TV repeater on Kaiti Hill FM input but with maybe a satellite type digital output which could be received by Freeview satellite receivers