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ATV, APRS, Repeaters

posted Aug 21, 2010, 5:06 PM by Hamish Dobson
Work has starting on the planning and construction of a 23cm ATV FM repeater. As with the Ch39 repeater this will be at no cost to the club and can be a private repeater if NZART and the club do not wish to be involved . A beacon has been seen on APRS showing an ATV site at Wheatstone road with the Sysnop as ZL2HC. This beacon is not being transmitted by me, I have nothing to do with it and it is incorrect as the ATV repeater on Channel 39 at the site was taken off the air and the equipment removed as soon as the trustees were notified by the licence owners (NZART) that the licence had been cancelled
 It appears all the amateurs involved enjoyed the rally and those operating it are happy with the service provided. 690 appears to have continued to work well.
 Thanks to Roger for arranging it the crystals have arrived for the spare repeaters and when he has  installed them and completed the repairs on one receiver the club will have two Tait T300 repeaters set up ready to go as replacements one for 685 and one for 690 and a spare Tait T200 set up also ready to go for 680,- if I have it correct (the radio gear only, not diplexers or aerials).