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690 Site

posted Jul 23, 2010, 3:08 AM by Hamish Dobson
Taking advantage of a fine day the trustees made a visit to the site before the existing access permits expired  to finish as much of the outstanding work as possible before the car rally
 A cavity filter was installed on the transmitter output to hopefully stop the multiple tails on repeater transmissions which sometimes are heard and other work done to ensure the repeater would be fully usable for the car rally
 Another coat of sealant was applied to the outside of the hut, the inside of which seemed much drier than before the first coat was applied. Further cleaning up of the earth displace when the new pole was installed was done and grass seed spread on.
 While some additional work could still be done it is hoped that no further trips will be required in the short term.
 Thanks to all those who helped with access, technical information, tests and the work at the site