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posted Jun 26, 2010, 10:06 PM by Hamish Dobson   [ updated Jun 26, 2010, 10:44 PM ]
 Fine weather and as both the required permits expired today a quick trip was arranged to hopefully complete the work on the new aerial installation. Leaving at 0830 allowed arrival and work on the pole before the wind got too cold and too strong.
 The two poly pipes with the coaxial cable inside were properly secured to the pole along with the short lengths of coax from the pipes to the aerials.  A  pipe clamp was installed to hold the lower  pipe at the bottom.  The old coaxial cable used as earthing cable was installed from each pipe and connected to a pipe in the ground to earth both aerials and all the metalwork on the pole. Also tobeys were installed for each of the pole and the hut earthing and both earths were connected together by old coaxial cable. The top of the poly pipes where the coaxial cable exits were sealed and a test of the top aerial SWR was made, Some more pole steps were installed until the wind got too strong, Home at 1630 Thanks too those who helped or assisted in any way with todays and previously work
 Hopefully no further trips will be required until the digi on it's new frequency can be installed or the 690 T300 series gear can be reinstalled
 Please note that the transmit side of the repeater is now operating at the full legal power into an aerial at the top of the pole so no improvements are likely in future. However as the repeater is still the standby T200 series type the repeater sensitivity may improve when the T300 series repeater is installed after repair.
 Progress is being made re the change of the digi repeater frequency to 144.575MHz as approved by the branch. However the application needs to be correct especially as a mistake with the new geographically coordinates required could be costly