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690 and Digi

posted Jun 18, 2010, 11:58 AM by Hamish Dobson
Peter and I went to the siteand carried out more preparation for the hoped for pole relocation. a space was cleared where we hope to install the new pole (over a cubic meter of soil we estimate was removed) and the cleaned up original aerials with the new coaxial cable and lightening protection was passed through the protective pipe which will run from the hut to the pole with the aerial cables inside. The temporary aerial for 690 was removed and the aerial which will hopefully go at the top or the pole installed there- at the same hight as the temporary aerial was so no improvement in coverage was noted or expected
 Further from the branch meeting, the branch has agreed to the transfer of the 950 repeater license and the branch net on  680 Sundays will now be at 1930 hours
 At the committee meeting the next night the number of of members yet to renew their subs and the branch mailing address was discussed among other subjects