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2010-06-14 Repeaters Update

posted Jun 13, 2010, 8:44 PM by Jim Tittsler
The audio from 680 at times is rather rough. This was first noticed yesterday and checks seem to show a repeater fault. When a spare repeater is available (either the original 690 one when repaired or the standby one when it is available) the plan is to install this, setup for 680,  which will allow checking out of the repeater and investigations of providing direct audio input and output plus PTT for use with IRLP. 

690 and Digi repeater pole

Fine weather on the weekend but Friday being wet prevented any action Hope for  better weather soon

From the NZART web site see that the shift of the Te Kapua digirepeater to 144.575MHz has been approved. It seems Gisborne may be the only digirepeater used for APRS still on 144.650MHz