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2010-05-31 Whakapunake Work Party

posted Jun 11, 2010, 3:41 PM by Jim Tittsler   [ updated Jun 11, 2010, 3:44 PM ]
After such a fine Saturday it was hoped to re-site the pole for the 690 and digi aerials. However the operator and equipment were not available and as permits etc. had been arranged Ian and I went to the site to prepare for when the re-siting would be possible. (Please note that the site owner now requires a permit to be applied for with seven days notice along with full details of work to be done, persons involved etc., and then notification by cellphone of arrival and departure from the site. The forest owner also requires a permit to be obtained with full details of vehicles and persons.

In freezing cold, heavy mist, wind and some rain Ian removed all the soil round the back of the hut, not only will this allow the running of the aerial cables, it should stop any possible movement of the hut towards the road (removing any pressure from the national system pole) and hopefully will also decrease the amount of dampness in the hut I stored most of the required equipment ,aerials etc in the hut and installed the lightening protection which is meant to go on aerials coming into a building. A cold day but when the pole re-siting can be done it will save a lot of time (now likely to be several weeks away due to the the long weekend and of course depending on the weather)

Thanks must go to Alan who arranged access, Dave who was all prepared to go if required, the non-amateurs who made it possible and those who actually made the trip.  ZL2HC