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2010-05-20 Repeaters Update

posted Jun 11, 2010, 3:38 PM by Jim Tittsler
Thanks to Rolly (who thought we were only going to clean up outside) Ian ( for the equipment) and Laurie ( for the loan of his long trailer) the old pole for 680 is in my back yard, the pole anchors have been removed, a new post installed for the fence and the old aerial installation is now all removed as requested long ago by the site owners. The side of the rack has had a vent installed in it and the repeater and filter have been raised to the top of the rack in preparation to move the batteries inside the rack as also requested by the site owners.

Work continues on the new aerial installation for 690 and the digi. Have seen very nice email from Vice-President of NZART on the outcome of the contacts with Kordia. All thanks to Alan who has been involved with presenting our case to the local MP (and then on to the Minister) and especially to Douglas who's many contacts and sustained work with Kordia and others have resulted in such a good outcome as of this date.  ZL2HC