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2010-05-06 Situation To Date Re 690 and Digi

posted Jun 11, 2010, 3:30 PM by Jim Tittsler
Hopefully confirmation will be received soon that no consent is required for the re-siting of the pole. Then hopefully an access permit can be obtained from the site owners and than as soon as possible the the pole will be re-sited and the repaired aerials and new coaxial cables can be installed producing a far better performance from 690 and restoring the digi to service (hopefully also with a change for the better.) Because of the water in the existing cables they will be replaced with RG213 - The extra loss over the larger cable of which the branch has some is well under a db and the connectors and any extra cable required are well over four times the price. This may not apply especially in the case of the national system if an agreement is made for long term use of the site and the national system aerials are moved to a new pole to obtain greater coverage from the extra height.

Much thanks are due to the amateurs who have got us to this stage and hopefully will see us with a good operating system over the winter and until the long term location of the equipment is settled To date no costs have been incurred by the branch due to the generous donations of time and goods by branch members. Costs in future will probably be those of the new coax and connectors and the equipment to re-site the pole which I believe is being arranged. In the meantime I am attempting to ensure that when the go ahead for the re-siting of the pole is obtained that all the equipment is ready to be installed.  ZL2HC