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2010-05-05 Whakapunake Removal Deadline Extended

posted Jun 11, 2010, 3:29 PM by Jim Tittsler
The deadline has been extended to 30th of June 2011. NZART are to pay the $6375.05 rental owing for all the sites and a commercial sponsor will pay NZART the rental for up to February 2011 after which the amateurs have until 30th June 2011 to remove their equipment unless other agreements are made. NZART is asking branches which have offered to contribute to the rental as well as any others able to do so to do to send the money to them.

It is also suggested the amateurs continue to approach MPs and attempt to discuss local agreements with the site owners while investigating alternate siting (all of which the branch is doing thanks to Alan and Douglas in particular) as this latest agreement does not extend beyond 30th June 2011. ZL2HC