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2010-04-26 New Aerial and Coaxial Cable Required

posted Jun 11, 2010, 3:24 PM by Jim Tittsler
After further tests and recalibration of my SWR meter for use with 20 watts it appears the top aerial ex Whakapunake is far worse than the bottom aerial. The original bottom aerial gives an SWR of 1.3 the same as my dummy load while the original top aerial reads 1.8. The coaxial cable which shows no signs of water damage has been cut from the original cables but I would not reuse it for the repeaters. Please note that the aerial at present in use for 690 at Whakapunake is the lower aerial from the aerial pole once used for 680. As none of the available dipoles tested ok Roger suggested using one of the dipoles on the old 680 pole as they could be ok while the coax is not. I got it down and as it tested ok sealed it up and installed it at Whakapunake. Plans are to remove the rest of the aerial array and pole as requested by a council member to tidy up the site. The repeater batteries also need to be re-sited inside the repeater cabinet.