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2010-04-25 Jim's Leaving

posted Jun 11, 2010, 3:23 PM by Jim Tittsler
Within a week Jim ZL2IA will be leaving for ZL4 land. In his short time in this area Jim has provided a major assistance to amateur activities both locally and nationally. With his expertise with computers Jim has got me operational on the Linux system and assisted other amateurs to get on the air, helped me to get the IRLP system operating correctly on 680, provided an igate on 4575 with his weather station onto the internet, got the digi operating as a level 2 packet repeater and using the modern APRS Wide2-2 system. He has also supplied and set up this branch web site, assisted me and others to get active on APRS , FM repeater contact and slow scan television from the international space station while being actively involved in other facets of the hobby such as 10 meters. Nationally he has assisted in setting up the new NZART web side based in NZ. I should also mention Angela his ex XYL (ok terrible pun) her passing of the exam, her use of the repeaters and her support of Jim and his amateur activities. Thanks Jim and Angela for all your assistance, best wishes for the future and please keep in touch, IRLP, email and maybe one day you'll hear me on HF. Cheers, ZL2HC