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2010-04-24 Whakapunake Aerial Update

posted Jun 11, 2010, 3:21 PM by Jim Tittsler
Good News? Both aerials removed from Whakapunake check out the same, SWR of just under 1.2 to 1 (please note these aerials appear to have the baluns inside the actual aerial with a short tail unlike the thinner faulty spare aerials) Bad news ? They go up 1.3 to 1 SWR when mounted vertical off a metal pole and my tapped half wave gives an 1 to 1. The coaxial cable which went to the hut from the lower aerial shows signs of water ingress, black shield over most of the cable from the hut end. The top aerial removed from the wooden pole at Whakapunake has been checked out. In spite of Densio, PIB & PVC tape and several layers of heat shrink tape, over the years much water has got in as it was found inside the taped up connector and all the coaxial cable shield is black. Tests are ongoing as to the condition of the lower aerial cable, also removed, and the condition of the actual aerials. As the connectors are inside the aerial pipe going to the dipole repair would have required removal of the aerials and as the pipe is solid to it's supports and the aerials (Kee Clamps) all the work done yesterday was necessary to remove and repair the aerials unless if the risk of leaving the pole in place over winter and continued worse repeater performance would have been acceptable. Thanks are due to Ian who did the climbing, Rolly who checked it was safe (we have pictures to prove it) David who assisted on the ground and me who made (place adjective here) suggestions. Also thanks to Alan for all the work arranging the access, writing out the check( Yes Alan I returned the key and have your check) and getting the generator and water container. ZL2HC