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2010-04-23 Digi removed, 690 on Temporary Antenna

posted Jun 11, 2010, 3:20 PM by Jim Tittsler
As proposed at the committee meeting and passed by the last general branch meeting the 144.650MHz digiirepeater at Whakapunake has been removed. The 690 repeater is operating from a temporary aerial on the temporary national system pole but performance is poor in the Gisborne direction likely because of the lower aerial height and maybe even worse in the Napier direction because of shading by the national system aerials in that direction. Because of the possibly safety risks of the of the existing wooden pole installation over winter the site owners, subject to to certain conditions, have agreed to the re-siting of the existing pole to a safer area nearer the hut at the same level. Much thanks are owed to Douglas for all his efforts in obtaining this. Planning for this is continuing however it must be noted that this does NOT mean that the branch will be able to continuing to use the site long term .However the owners have stated that they will not require removal of amateur equipment over winter and that they are reviewing their policy which applies to case such as NZART If the pole is relocated hopefully any new or repaired aerials the branch wish to locate on the pole will provide far better coverage than before but this is still being planned.