Please make sure that your TXDelay is not excessive. Reduce it until digipeaters no longer repeat you reliably, and then bump it up slightly. Overly long TXDelay settings are a quick way to destroy network capability.

Mobile Stations

The recommended setting is:

  • WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2

That will use any fill-in digipeaters around town, and still be repeated through the area's high level digipeaters.

Fixed Stations

Fixed stations have more flexibility. You can simply use:

  • WIDE2-2

and everything should just work. Alternatively, you can take advantage of what you know about the path from your station and craft an explicit path that routes through ZL2AA-1, or any other area digipeater in an optimal path for your station.

UI-View Users Note: UI-View combines the destination and the path into a single configuration setting that is confusingly called Unproto Address. You need to specify both the destination and the path there, so for the Gisborne area you will want the setting: APRS,WIDE2-2

Home Fill-In Digipeaters

To improve coverage for other stations in the area, it is great if you can leave your station on 24hr/day and set to digipeat WIDE1-1. If you leave your APRS software running it may implement the WIDEn-n paradigm, so set it to digipeat WIDE1-1. Your software will substitute your callsign in the digipeater field when it repeats another station. Nearly as good is to simply leave your TNC and rig on, and set your TNC MYALIAS: WIDE1-1.


The Whakapunake digipeater  uses UIdigi to provide support for the WIDEn-N paradigm.